Company Profile

The mother company, Center Laboratories Inc. was founded in 1959, and it was the biggest liquid oral drug manufacturer with 70% share of market. In recent years, the company re- positioned itself to become the biotech industry banks, and the main investment was targeting for the region dominated and biomedical -related businesses. Looking to the future, Center Laboratories once again positions themselves as 'the cradle of biotech industry', and expects to take full advantage of the expertise from the medical field and key technology gather by the Group, and coping with the years of successful experience in the perennial biotech industry business management, to focus and become the top leader in the specialized field.

glac biotech uses probiotics as the vertical core product to develop functional products in food, heath products and medicine. And, expand laterally to the development of agriculture, livestock, silage, plant fermentation, aquaculture, and dairy. And, also focus on the "probiotic culture collection center build ", " functional verification platform for probiotics screening " and " high- density, high -quality probiotic production technology". Furthermore, glac biotechnology has achieved ISO 22000, HACCP and other certification in Taiwan and mainland China and a number of R & D patents.

glac biotech Headquarter, R&D Center, Factory

Health products development, probiotic production, formula design

Anhui Glac and George Biotech Ltd.( Anhui,China )

Focus on Sachet, Fermentation products, probiotic products of animal feed additives

Jinlac Biotech Ltd. ( Anhui,China )

Focus on Sachet and multiple forms of probiotic food

Jin Qiao Biotech Co., Ltd(Jiangsu, China )

Focus on multiple forms of probiotic food, health Products ODM/OEM