Company Profile

Many people think that if their bodies are not in pain, then they are healthy.  But after working in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical research for nearly 40 years, especially from the experiences of cancer drug development, it tells me that before we get sick, our bodies are already in a Suboptimal health status (SHS) and we are not even aware of it. In Taiwan, the fact that every 13 minutes someone dies from cancer made me realized that while we enjoy all the civilization developments brought by the economy growth, the work pressure has increased, living style and the surrounding environment are changed, and different kind of disease also follows. 

Hence, I’ve been thinking about whether or not there is a more important strategy besides heath care policy that can reverse the problem. If we are sick because we have not paid attention to our own heath, shouldn’t we try to resolve the problem by going towards a more active point of view. The saying, “Prevention is better than cure” speaks perfectly about going to the “root” to improve the problem. 

In year 2000, after the completion of human genome plan and the human genome decode, Medical Science entered the so-called post-genome era. Scientists began to decode the bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract and found that human health was closely related to the gastrointestinal microbial ecology. After years of research on the probiotics, we learn that probiotics has a great value in terms of its influence on health, food process, environmental improvement, and even is highly used on the application of biomass energy. And, most importantly is that probiotics has a unique characteristics of “only good and no bad” which is something other drugs can’t compare. Based on this, I resolutely and determinately devote myself into the probiotics business and sought to ‘Broaden but deeply ploughing into the application of probiotic, to improve the living quality of human lives’ as the development vision of glac biotech.

 In future, I also expect glac biotech to carefully and scientifically examine all the product application development, and follow the attitude of developing pharmaceutical products to ensure the quality of the our products. We hope that probiotics can be used in every family, and light the hope for healthier life and most importantly to contribute to the human society and to maximize the positive influence.