New product launched now! Complex Probiotic Feed Additives by GLAC Biotech
New product launched now! Complex Probiotic Feed Additives by GLAC Biotech – Megaprobiotide & SuPro probiotic culture

Keep Intestinal Health By Design, Valued By Farmers.
GLAC Biotech co.,Ltd is a professional probiotic company, positively insist accumulating experience in yearly research and development selectively based on lactic acid bacterial bank with over thousands of strains in it. To provide excellent product we applied both the unique fermentated technology and microencapsulated technology, additionally combined multidisciplinary experts’ opinions to launch the brand-new product ”MegaProbiotide” and “SuPro probiotic culture”. In utilizing multipile advantages contributed by each strain of LAB also various functional fermented metabolites, MegaProbiotide and SuPro probiotic culture focus on prophylactic assistance in animal husbandry in post-antibiotic era to conquer gradually popular antibiotic-resistance issue.
Probiotics in animal application as a figure of disease controlled natural agents filled with nutrients less of drug, not only extend to perpetual management but also husbandry trend in the future.
Megaprobiotide in powdered form is manufactured by complex lactic acid bacterial designated fermentation followed by delicate high-tech dried process, which is rich in peptides, organic acids, minerals, antimicrobial peptides and so on. Improvement of stability and solubility enhancement after manufacturing process make Megaptobiotide easy to use in supplying nutrients for your farming animals. It may promote intestinal health get rid of several abnormalities, needless to worry about antagonistic effect while being companied with other feed additives.
SuPro probiotic culture is selected optimally of varieties of strains of lactic acid bacteria which could feed for fishery and animal husbandry. Field trials confirmed that SuPro probiotic culture effectively maintain one’s intestinal function, lower mortality rate, relieve diarrhea symptoms, decrease pathogenic populations and enhance the immunity for individuals. Its manual operation could add it into forage or drinking water directly or behave as starter media for fermented feed, aim to gain more feed conversion ratio also lead to healthy animal.
As one of the global frontrunner, GLAC Biotech is positively expanding oversea markets in recent years according to steady basis in Taiwan, especillay set as main service objectives in the Southeast Asian market. During the exhibition, we will introduce the relevant product what you need also Megaprobiotide and SuPro probiotic culture for sale, help all the customers turn challenges into high-value business opportunities through environmental friendly way with more ease, more efficient, more profitable.。