glac has been working hard on the 30development of probiotics. In order to deeply involved as "Expert Lactobacillus professionals", we've been focusing on the research of screening, functional verification, production application development, formula design and the auxiliary materials.

We needed to set up our own independent culture collections, so the glac Taiwan production base is the current location for the culture collection. And, we've isolated different raw materials and identified and confirmed its basic features from a single strain, then moved it to the culture collection.

As of year 2014, our culture collection has reached over 1000 strains, and we've used dual hardware and software management system on the management of the strains. On the hardware side, we've built -196cryopreservation and uninterruptible power equipment, used 3 to 4 different scale of low temperature lyophilization apparatus. For the software part, our professional management team has set up the controlling system, maintained the preservation of the equipment/strains, activated the strains, researched on the optimal strains preservation, and also to ensure and monitor the activity of the strains.